Magazine Spread InDesign Project

Truth and Woolly worms

Truth and Woolly worms


After the draft, I went back to edit my work and found my Adobe trial period had ended. So I downloaded an earlier version of InDesign. I tried to open my files but since I had used the latest version to create them, I could not open them with the old version.

I began again, this time I paid closer attention to spacing, font styles, and keeping it simple. I also went back to the original story. I had rewritten the story due to space issues, but after I freed up some space the first story fit well. I added page numbers making sure the one on the picture was in white font.


In the video critique, the professor suggested changing the font to a sans serif, indenting 3 spaces for each new paragraph, creating more space between the edges and center, putting the quote on the picture and making the text smaller, removing the picture of the sunglasses, and moving the title off the picture of the worm.
After following his advice I found the page clearer and better organized.

I was critiqued by Maddison Dye who complimented my colors and also suggested the spacing might be incorrect. She was right and I made the proper adjustments.

I critiqued Maddison Dye and Andrés Sanchez Medellín.


Title is Century Gothic Bold (San Seriff) and Beyond The Mountains (Script or Decorative)

Body copy is Century Gothic Regular (San Serif)

Quote is Century Gothic Italic (San Serif)

Links to Photos

woolly bear

fall road


Magazine Spread InDesign Project Draft

Worms and the Truth


Since I sketched a layout for this project I started with that. I changed a couple of things from my original idea. Before I built a frame in InDesign, I finished my story to see how many columns I would need. After that I built a frame, fiddled with fonts and photos, and aligned everything, I had a draft.

There are a couple of things I need to change. It looks like there is a border around my photos that gets cut off because of the margins. I would like to improve the story as well. The photo of the road may not be the best quality either. I would like to cut out the sunglasses in Photoshop and wrap the text around them.

The message I hope to share is about truth and how we perceive it.


I used Times New Roman (Serif) for the body text, The Title text is Lucinda Handwriting (Script)

Links to Photos

woolly bear

fall road

I took the photo of the glasses myself.

Web Page Layout

Web Page Layout2wireframeIMG_1991


Designing a web page was more difficult than I expected. I started by studying websites and found a lot of bad websites. I looked at Pinterest and decided I wanted to do a farming web page. I drew a crude idea, then attempted to build it in Photoshop. My grids were off and my ideas were didn’t look as good on the computer as they did on paper. I did have all the links I wanted though. My color choices were green, brown, and white since I knew there would be a lot of plants. I found images at and other various sites.


I critiqued Laura Ducuara and Juan Montes. I was critiqued by Maria Berry who suggested I use more farm related images instead of just leaves and flowers. The professor suggested:

  • Simplify fonts and fewer lines of text
  • Change the opacity to allow the texture to show through
  • Change links at the bottom
  • Align, Align, Align
  • Put images above and across body text and put links under the images.

I did all those things and redid my wireframe to match my new layout.

Color Scheme: Green, brown, and white

Fonts: AR HERMANN (Decorative) and Times New Roman (Seriff)

Links to Images:

the soil and the footer image were found at





Kids in Garden

Movie Poster Project

movie poster2


I did not get my poster printed in time, so I don’t have a video.

So my process for this poster was to take a good picture of myself than find a large enough image of snow to blend together on Photoshop. I used three types of movie fonts. One for the Title and summary line, another for the names in the film, and a third for the credits. I used fun names that were winter related for most of the credits.


The message I’m trying to share is that I like winter way more than summer. Living in central Texas, I have only seen snow three times in 16 years. I wanted to share how much I miss all the fun things you can do when you have a descent winter. Even if it only snowed once a year, I would be happier. My audience are the people  who want to know something different about me.


In my first attempt, my colors were too warm and green to blend with the white and blue snow. The professor said my snow looked yellow (so gross!) I cooled down my photo. I also forgot the credits. I changed my font from black to blue, shortened my summary line, and found a text for making movie poster credits. Susan Turnbull Brurud also critiqued my work and suggested the blue font. I critiqued Maria Berry and Diana Beliel.

Fonts: Title- Script/Decorative – Motion Picture Font. Names in credits- Sans Serif – Movie Poster Font. Credits (the stacked text)- Sans Serif- Steel Tongs Font (from


I took the picture of myself with my Nikon, aka awesome, camera.

I found a large snow texture photo here.




Photography Study Project

Our Savior’s Love


A very long time ago I painted this statue of Jesus Christ. I’ve always loved it and over the years it has reminded me of His love for me.



His hands.


I really like the long red robe.



Looking heavenward.



I took these photo outside on a cloudy day hoping I would get the best light possible. I also used the portrait setting on my camera to blur the background and focus on the statue.

During the Photoshop process, I watched the video very carefully and slowly while I created each layer. I managed to make grids and convert my NEF photos to jpegs so it would work with the program. I used the eyedropper tool on the painted hair to select the background. When placing the pictures, I wanted to make sure Jesus was looking up at the phrase Our Savior’s Love. I wanted to get texture shots as well. I especially liked the close up of his hands. I then used a decorative font and a serif font for the title. After watching the critique, I made changes to the contrast and fixed one of the photos.


In the video critique the professor recommended I add just a little contrast to each photo because they looked a little flat. I went back and added a little contrast and adjusted the brightness on a few pictures. There was also an issue with one of the layers and a picture was crooked, messing up the line.

I critiqued Stephen J Chamberlain, Susan Brurud, Maria Berry, and Diane Beliel. I was critiqued by Maddison Dye. She liked my work and enjoyed the angles I used.


LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Lightdsc_0274

Indoor Light






Rule of Thirds


Lead Room


I had a lot of fun with this. I love taking pictures but I’ve found playing around with Lightroom even more fun.

I used the suggestions in the videos for taking foreground and background photos. I also found it was best to use the portrait setting on my camera. It tends to blur whatever is not in focus.

I also found the best light in shadows outside. Spring has sprung here in Texas so it is beautiful outdoors. I didn’t like my subjects in bright light though. I took a couple of pictures in the shade and a couple of others during the evening hours.

For the indoor picture, I used a lot of natural light. I do not like taking pictures indoors. I tried to increase the aperture, but ended up with more blurry photos. I don’t have a tripod which could have helped with the issue.

All in all, it was a fun project.

Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Kohl’s
Objective: Help men feel great and confident wearing pink
Strategy: Using an Infographic, I want to show men why women love men who wear pink and why women find it is so attractive.



I created this Infographic to help break down the stigma of “pink is for girls”. Spring is a great time to wear pink, and when men wear pink, it sends strong messages to women everywhere. There should be more pink on men. I choose Kohl’s as the promoting company because I like their style and they have a lot of options and shades of pink for men’s clothing.


I started with Piktochart and Kohl’ in helping me choose photos and make an infographic. I did a little research on the topic of men wearing pink, but I had to make up some statistics. I also searched google for pictures of men wearing pink with their loved ones. Putting the final draft together, I choose a bold pink with white font. I only used two fonts and tried to declutter.


I was critiqued by Maddison Dye and Andres Sanchez Medellin. Both of them liked my design, the information, and photos that I used. I critiqued Taylor Walston and Maria Berry’s projects.

After the video critique I realized my project needed to be geared more towards men. I fixed the alignment, moved the Kohl’s logo to the bottom, changed the pink on pink to white on bold pink, only used two fonts, decluttered, and resized the photos. My son also suggested putting in pictures of women with men wearing pink to show the attraction. So I added 3 photos to the bottom and my husband and son are both impressed. My husband is now willing to wear a pink tie.

Image sources:

Kohl’ (most of the images were found in men’s clothing tab with the pink color option)

Father and daughter

Couple 1, Couple 2, and Couple 3.

Font: Century-Seriff, and Helvitica- Sans Seriff